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ClubLink Academy Tip: Bump, Don't Spin

16 FEB 2016

By: Bradley Lawrence, PGA of Canada Class A Professional at Peak Performance Golf

One of the most common golf faults I see is that golfers tend to spin their hips too much and don’t create enough lateral movement towards the target to start their downswing.  This is one of the most common causes of the dreaded ‘over the top’ move.  Most golfers need to feel how to move their weight forward to start their downswing, but haven’t ever been able to visually see the differences between good and bad.  Luckily in the past 18 months, a new company called BodiTrack has emerged and created the first portable pressure mat.  This mat allows golfers to see which foot is creating more pressure during their swings.

Early golfers who tend to spin their hips out too much tend to come over the top, which causes them to slice the ball. They also leave more weight on their back foot at impact (shown in fig. 1).  The reason they slice the ball is simple – when the hips spin out too quickly the club will come too far inside out (left path for right handed golfers), and in order to save the shot they will cast the club to avoid massive pulls.  This causes the dynamic loft of the club at impact to be high, generally shots will not be hit solid and the distance to be shorter. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

When golfers place the majority of their weight on their lead foot at impact they will have a club path that comes from the inside and will see a decrease in dynamic loft, creating an increase in distance.  (Fig. 3-4)

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

A great way to fix this problem is of course to come see the team at Peak Performance Golf, but if you’re not able to stop by, here is a drill that can help.

Start with your feet together (Fig. 5) and when you get to the top of your backswing step forward with your lead leg.  Much like when you swing a baseball bat.  This motion will exaggerate the feeling of your weight moving to your lead leg to start the downswing.  You may struggle with contact at first but after some time you will start to get the feeling of how to move your weight forward to start your downswing.

Fig. 5