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ClubLink Florida Pro-Am

07 NOV 2017

Who’s up for five days, four nights and four rounds of golf at some of Florida’s best courses?

What sane Canadian golfer can say no?

It may be called the “Florida Pro-Am” but it’s more “Am” than “Pro” and it’s definitely all about getting away for a fun-packed golf vacation from Dec. 3 to 7.

Although hosted by ClubLink, the annual Florida Pro-Am is open to any golfer who wants to escape the impending onslaught of winter and just have a blast. A blast of sun and fun. Not snow and ice.

Contrary to the commonly held belief about pro-ams, golfers of all abilities are welcome to participate. All you need is an official Golf Canada handicap factor. And the desire to have some fun.

 “If you don’t have fun there, then that’s on you,” says Marty Sullivan, a ClubLink member. “It’s really a great holiday. The weather is great, the courses are great, and you get to meet so many people. There’s the competition for a few hours each day but the majority of your time is just enjoying yourself with the other people.”

Highlights of the Florida Pro-Am experience include four nights’ accommodation at the Marriott Coral Springs Hotel and Convention Center and two rounds at TPC Eagle Trace and one each at Palm Aire Golf Club and Woodlands Country Club.

Your package also includes an opening-night reception, a Hertz minivan for your team, breakfast and lunch each day, and more. Special pricing on WestJet flights to Fort Lauderdale is available for participants.

As Scott Reycraft, ClubLink’s Manager of Special Events, emphasizes, you can escape the frigid Canadian weather and be in Fort Lauderdale in less than three hours.

“You can be scraping snow off your car in your driveway to get to the airport and a few hours later, you’re in shorts and playing golf around and, hopefully, not from behind palm trees. It’s something special this time of year to get away and play in the heat when our season is done at home.

“Something about that makes everyone relax even though it’s a competition. It’s as about as serious as a competition could really be when everyone involved is enjoying a vacation in the sun. It’s just about fun and there just happens to be a competition, too.”

For those looking to entertain clients, Vince DiRisio, who has been at every Florida Pro-Am since the event’s inception 10+ years ago, says the Florida Pro-Am is a prime opportunity.

“Like me, most of the people who go aren’t the best of golfers. Of course, we try to golf our best, but the highlight after the round is done is always the good times, the laughs, a few drinks around the pool, going out for dinner. The emphasis is on having fun.”

Fun aside, DiRisio, who is the national key account manager for Labatt (the event’s beer sponsor), has also seen a business opportunity offered by the Florida Pro-Am.

“What better way to entertain clients? You get to play some wonderful courses and you get to socialize with them and get to know them better. “

So what are you waiting for? The registration window is closing in fast.

Just like the winter weather.

For all the details, click here view the brochure or contact Scott Reycraft at