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The Shag Bag

12 SEP 2017

Too Much Torque

You’ve likely never heard of Wes Patterson before, as the 28-year-old long-bomber only recently changed his profession from baseball to long drive competitions. The Memphis, Tennessee native burst onto the scene as a complete unknown last week, after defeating the top-ranked long driver in the world, Maurice Allen, twice in the double elimination Round of 32 at the Volvik World Long Drive Championship. That feat alone would have likely been enough to propel Patterson into the spotlight as one of the more promising newcomers to the sport in some time. However, it was one of Patterson’s swings against Utah’s Ryan Riesbeck in the Round of 16 the following day that has had everybody in awe! Patterson had already posted a drive of 423 yards when he decided to really go after one and took a vicious hack at the golf ball. In one ferocious motion, Patterson unleashed a 146 mph drive, which snapped his driver shaft in two on the follow-through and sent a javelin of sharp graphite barrelling towards the crowd. Luckily, the shaft collided with a guardrail before it entered the grandstand and nobody was injured! Patterson, who had made his professional debut just a week earlier at a satellite qualifier for the tournament, went on to defeat Riesbeck before ultimately losing to Canadian Mitch Grassing in the quarterfinals.   

A Shot in the Leg

A 60-year-old Vancouver Island resident was struck in the calf by a stray bullet last Thursday while golfing at Winchelsea View Golf Course. The sexagenarian was playing the 16th hole at the time and had to be helped off the golf course after experiencing what he described as a sharp pain in his leg. According to reports, the poor guy initially thought that a spider had bitten him and decided to drive himself home. However, when his pain intensified en route, the man detoured to a nearby hospital in order to get his leg examined. It only took a couple of X-rays for the doctors on site to determine that a bullet was lodged in the man’s calf. After the bullet was successfully removed from the man’s leg, the RCMP was notified of the incident. After a thorough investigation, the RCMP released this statement: “There is nothing to indicate the male was targeted and it may have resulted from an individual, or others, target practicing in the adjacent rural area. Having said that, it is not only lawful but also extremely dangerous to discharge a firearm within 100 metres of any building. Additionally, the basic rule of firearm safety is always know your background and beyond.”

The Next Bones?

While playing a par 5 in the final round of the Dell Technologies Championship last Monday, Phil Mickelson’s tee shot landed in the left rough and the southpaw was left with a choice to either lay-up or go for the green. Rather than discuss his options with his caddie, Lefty asked a young fan named Riley in the gallery if he would go for the green in that situation. Riley responded with this hilarious retort that caused Mickelson, his caddie and many of the nearby spectators to break into laughter.


The five-time major champion took the boy’s advice and hit his 3-wood onto the green, then turned towards him after the shot and proclaimed, “Riley, you can caddie for me anytime!” Obviously, Mickelson was just making a joke, but perhaps he might want to consider letting Riley caddie for him at next year’s U.S. Open. After all, Francis Ouimet famously won the 1913 U.S. Open with 10-year-old Eddie Lowery carrying his bag for the week. Perhaps Riley’s presence on the bag is exactly what Mickelson needs to finally win that U.S. Open title and complete his career grand slam bid. Plus, even if he doesn’t win, it would still be one heck of a publicity stunt!


Feel Good Story of the Week

It took both a defibrillator and some CPR to save Dan Lennon’s life last year after the Long Island native suffered a heart attack on the 17th hole of the Rockville Links Club. “He was out, not breathing, no heartbeat — he was dead!” recalled Rod McWalters, a local hero who rushed to Lennon’s aid at the time from a nearby foursome. Lennon returned to Rockville Links last week for his first round since the incident and, as fate would have it, the 66-year-old jarred his tee shot on the 17th hole for an ace! “I never really liked the hole,” Lennon told Long Island News 12 after his round. “But now I like it a lot more because I lived and I got a hole-in-one.”

Photos of the Week

Even a raging wildfire on the other side of the Columbia River was not enough to deter these golf fanatics at the Beacon Rock Golf Course from getting in 18 holes last week.


Shank of the Week

(Editor’s note: make sure that your sound is on when you watch this video)