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The Shag Bag

14 NOV 2017


Prior to the NedBank Golf Challenge in South Africa last week, Martin Kaymer, Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood, and Padraig Harrington all teamed up to play a little prank on a handful of unsuspecting amateur golfers. After offering to show the amateurs a few effective drills to help fix their golf swings, the European Tour stars proceeded to intentionally dish out some of the worst golf advice ever. Harrington told the amateurs that they could improve their ball striking by practicing with balls covered in grass clippings. Westwood helped the players develop good tempo by having them inhale in their backswings and exhale loudly at impact. Poulter demonstrated how to properly release the club head by instructing the amateurs to swing one-handed and let go of the club during the follow through. And Kaymer showed off the “right knee swing through”, a secret power move that involves firing one’s back leg towards the target after striking the ball.

Giving Back

It’s a good time to be a junior golfer in Knoxville, Tennessee. reported last week that three-time PGA Tour winner Scott Stallings has teamed up with the Tennessee Golf Foundation to create a new junior golf initiative that will provide free golf to children under the age of 18 in the Knoxville area. Stallings and the TGF created a similar initiative for free junior golf in 2015 at the nine-hole Beverly Park Golf Club. However, that program only allowed kids to play for free on Tuesdays and Stallings felt like he could do more to expand the idea. The new Scott Stallings Kids Play Free Junior Golf Initiative, which will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, will allow all junior golfers in the area to tee it up at either Beverly Park or Concord Park on any day of the week, without restriction. “Golf has given me a lot of opportunities both on and off the golf course,” Stallings said. “Golf needed an opportunity like this, especially in a town that gave me so much opportunity when I was their age.”

Rolling and Tumbling

We all heard about President Trump’s golf game with Hideki Matsuyama and Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe two weeks ago at Kasumi Country Club. The round was highly publicized and was even filmed from the sky by a Japanese helicopter news crew. The network did not release much footage from the actual round. But, it did release this short blooper of the Prime Minister tumbling backwards into a fairway bunker on one of the holes. In the video, we see Abe strike his golf ball from the sand before taking a running start to propel himself over the lip and out of the trap. Unfortunately, the politician lost his balance on a steep ridge above the bunker and reverse somersaulted backwards into the sand. Incredibly, the 63-year-old showed great agility during the tumble by nearly rolling into a completely upright position with both of his feet on the ground. Abe was completely unharmed during the incident. And, as you can imagine, the Japanese media had a field day light-heartedly poking fun at the Prime Minister’s acrobatics!

Video of the Week

Charl Schwartzel turned his hotel room into a practice facility last week at the NedBank Golf Challenge by opening his balcony doors and hitting iron shots onto the range. And these shots weren’t half swings, either. They were full-blown iron strikes off of the rug! Fore!

Lucky Bounce of the Year

When Nacho Elvira over hit his approach shot into the 9th green in the opening round at the NedBank Golf Challenge, it seemed like a certainty that the Spaniard’s ball was headed for the water behind the putting surface. But right before it splashed, Elvira’s ball miraculously struck a rock and bounced directly backwards onto the green!

Trick Shot of the Week

This guy’s hand-eye coordination must be off the charts in order to pull this shot off from both sides. Give us 100 attempts at this and all we would do is pull some muscles!