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April showers bring May Flowers.

04 APR 2019

April showers bring May Flowers.

Predicting Mother Nature’s behaviour at this time of year is folly but fun none the less. All of us golfers are amateur weather forecasters anyway.

Al Jolson sang us a song reminding us to keep on looking for that bluebird, and listening for his song, whenever April showers come along.

So if we are going to keep that Spring enthusiasm throughout the month of April, then we must remember a couple adjustments that’ll help our efforts when the course is playing much more wet than it’ll be for most of the season.

Going back a decade into the Golf Digest archives, here are a couple thoughts from Tom Watson on adjusting for wet conditions:
and from 2015 here is a video from Michael Breed on handling these Spring conditions.

Winter is over but before the firm ‘n fast summer conditions take hold we all have to briefly deal with extra towels, soaked gloves and damp socks so get ready for it and have your game adjusted to the spring elements.