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Membership FAQ

What is ClubLink?

ClubLink is Canada's largest owner and operator of golf clubs with 54.5, 18-hole equivalent championship and eight nine-hole academy courses at 41 locations in Ontario, Quebec and Florida.

What are the benefits of a ClubLink Membership?

ClubLink Members enjoy the benefits of a traditional private club, with the additional benefit of reciprocal access to more than 50 championship golf courses.

Members may also take advantage of ClubCorp Signature Golf Unlimited benefits and enjoy access to more than 300 golf, business and athletic clubs within the worldwide ClubCorp network.

Can I afford ClubLink membership?

A ClubLink Membership is more affordable than you think. We pride ourselves on offering our Members the best possible value for their money. Unlike at many private clubs, ClubLink Members are never assessed to fund capital projects. We offer a wide variety of Clubs at a range of price points and our network of properties allows you the flexibility to transfer your membership to another ClubLink Club without losing your initial investment. Furthermore, we offer interest-free financing on your payments for up to 20 annual installments, making your membership payments more convenient and budget friendly than ever.

How to choose which Club to join?

To ensure Members receive the most enjoyment from their membership, it is very important to join a Home Club where they will play the majority of their golf. Members of each Club enjoy Home Club Member privileges, which include protection of tee times during the high demand periods. These periods vary from Club to Club depending on the particular play patterns of the Members. These periods generally include weekends and holidays from opening until noon as well as Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between noon and 3:30pm. Protected tee times allow Members greater access to the more desired tee times at their Home Club. Members also enjoy participation in Member events such as Men's and Ladies' nights, Club Championships, Member Guest Days, Interclub competition, and other golf and social events at their Home Club. Member Events are organized by the Members through the Captain's Committee.

What is a membership fee?

ClubLink's membership fee is the same as an initiation fee or entrance fee at other golf clubs. In contrast to other clubs, however, our membership fee is payable over a number of years, interest free. Unlike member clubs outside of ClubLink, if at any time, for whatever reason, you wish to no longer be a ClubLink Member, you are not obligated to pay outstanding membership fees that have not been billed.

Can membership fees be financed?

Interest-free financing of membership fees for 20 annual installments. All Members who pay in full at time of joining qualify for a 30% cash discount.

What is a Member's reciprocal access to other Clubs?

Members who join a Silver Club have access to all Silver, Gold and Daily Fee Clubs* without a reciprocal fee (subject to availability.) Silver Members have access to Platinum Clubs for a reciprocal fee of $65 per round, and Prestige Clubs for $80 per round. The reciprocal fee is waived at Platinum Clubs if the Member's Home Club is closed for a non-Member, full shotgun event.

Members who join a Gold Club have access to all Silver, Gold, Platinum and Daily Fee Clubs* without a reciprocal fee (subject to availability.) Gold Members have access to Prestige Clubs for a reciprocal fee of $80 per round. The reciprocal fee is waived at Prestige Clubs if the Member's Home Club is closed for a non-Member, full shotgun event.

Members who join a Platinum or Prestige Club have access to all ClubLink Member Clubs and Daily Fee Clubs* without a reciprocal fee (subject to availability.)

* Members have access to Glen Abbey throughout the week for a $95 reciprocal fee and mandatory cart fee. Tee times may be booked up to seven days in advance. Tee times are offered on weekends and holidays for Platinum and Prestige Members to play without a reciprocal fee but a mandatory cart fee applies. If Prestige or Platinum Members choose to play in higher demand times, they will be subject to the $55 reciprocal fee and mandatory cart fee.

Note: If a Member introduces three paying Guests at one time, the reciprocal fee, should one apply, is waived. Members are able to play courses at Clubs outside their home region through our TravelLink program.

What access does a Member have to Clubs outside of their Home Region?

Members enjoy access to ClubLink Clubs outside of their region through their TravelLink benefits. Basic TravelLink benefits include access to seven rounds per cluster, per 30-day periods, upon payment of the applicable Member rate. Mandatory cart fee not included.

What booking privileges does a Member have at their Home Club?

Members have priority access to tee times at their Home Club. The director of operations at each Club designates tee times for Home Club Members only during high demand periods. Associate Club Members and their guests have access to tee times during periods when Home Club Member demand is lower.

What is the maximum number of memberships sold at each Member Club?

Each Club has a distinct membership resulting in unique playing patterns by the Home Club Members. ClubLink does not ‘cap’ the number of memberships sold, but monitors on a daily, weekly and annual basis the number of rounds played at each Club with the anticipation of achieving a suitable rounds benchmark. Total rounds played annually per 18-hole Golf Club include Home Club Members, Members’ Guests, Associate Club Members (Non-Home Club Members), Associate Club Members’ Guests, and Corporate and/or Charity Events.

Does a ClubLink membership represent equity? Can the membership be sold?

Membership with ClubLink does not represent an equity position in the company or your Home Club. Memberships cannot be sold privately or publicly. ClubLink memberships are transferable upon payment of the applicable transfer fee.

How does transferability of a membership work?

If a membership is held Principally (personally), the membership can be transferred to an immediate family member (defined as: spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law) of the existing ClubLink Member. The transfer fee is payable at the time of transfer. If the membership is willed, the transfer fee is waived. Under the Senior Transfer and Play program, Principal/Spousal Members who are 65 and older and have been Members for five or more years can transfer their membership within their direct family tree, while still maintaining playing privileges. A Corporate membership is owned by a bonafide, daily operating company. One designated nominee of the company is assigned to the membership. In the event the Corporate nominee leaves the company, another employee, partner, director, officer or owner of the company can be assigned to the membership upon payment of the applicable transfer fee. Alternatively, with the company's approval the membership can be transferred to the Corporate nominee to hold Principally, upon payment of the applicable transfer fee. Note: The transfer fee referred to in all cases above is equal to 10% of the first level Corporate/Principal membership fee of the Member's Home Club at the time of the transfer.

Is a membership transferable to another ClubLink Club?

A membership may be transferred to any other ClubLink Club, subject to the applicable upgrade and transfer fees. The upgrade fee is the difference in the first level membership fee of the Member's Home Club and the first level Membership Fee of the Club the Member is transferring into, at that time. The transfer fee is equal to 10% of the first level membership Fee of the Club the Member is transferring into, at the time of transfer. If transferring to a Club of equal or lower value, the Member would only be subject to the applicable transfer fee.


Can I change the category of my membership for health or other reasons?

Members may apply for the Social or Non-Resident category in the advance of the annual dues due date (Jan. 31). Social and Non-Resident Members have access to six rounds of golf per season, upon payment of the annual dues and applicable green fee (Six rounds at Canadian courses and six rounds at Florida courses). Practice range access is only available prior to a booked tee time. In order to qualify for the Non-Resident category, the Member must have his/her principal residence and principal place of business located more than 250 kilometers from any ClubLink Club.

A Member may return to activate full playing privileges at anytime throughout the season, by paying the difference between their Club's Social or Non-Resident dues and full annual dues. A reactivation fee equal to 15 per cent of the Home Club's full dues also applies.

How is the level of a Club determined?

There are a number of factors taken into consideration when determining the level of a Club. The most significant factors include the quality of the golf and clubhouse experience in comparison to other ClubLink Golf Clubs. Secondary consideration is given to the Club's geographical location, membership demand and stability of the membership.

Where is info posted regarding news, events, leagues and social functions?

Each ClubLink Club has its own website where information on Club news and events are posted. ClubLink Members have access to a Members Only section of their Club's site where they can view their Member account, check tournament results and course conditions, track their scores, register for events and much more. General news and information can be found on the main ClubLink website at

What is a Member's liability for membership Fees should they resign?

Upon resignation of membership, the Member is responsible to pay all membership fee installments that have been billed and are due.

What is ClubLink's tee time reservation policy?

Members have five-day advance booking privileges through LinkLine, our toll-free centralized tee time reservation call centre or LinkLine OnLine which is accessible through the Club website.

What is ClubLink's Guest policy?

Members are able to reserve up to three golfing Guests in any tee time available, with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from opening until 11 a.m. where only one Guest per Member is permitted. Requests for additional golfing Guests at a Member's Home Club or for reciprocal play may be made by contacting the director of operations at the Member's Home Club. Fulfillment of these requests will be subject to availability. The frequency for introduction of the same guest is limited to twice per month. Out-of-town golfing Guests of Members may play with the Member an unlimited number of rounds, upon payment of the applicable Guest fees during any two-week period, once per season. Guests must be accompanied by a ClubLink Member at all times unless prior arrangements are made with the director of operations at the Member's Home Club.

What is ClubLink's Junior Member Policy?

Junior Members (age 10-18) must be children or grandchildren of an existing ClubLink Member. Junior Members have Home Club privileges only during non-peak times. A fee is applicable if playing during peak times.

What is the ClubLink Graduate Program for Juniors and Intermediate Members?

Intermediate and Junior Members who join ClubLink through the ClubLink Graduate Program (Membership Fee applies) enjoy reciprocal access to all ClubLink Clubs. Junior Members are restricted to non-peak times only. Full-privilege Intermediate and Junior Members are subject to the annual dues applicable to their age category but are not responsible for a food and beverage minimum until they reach the age of 26 as of Jan. 1. Membership fees can be financed over 20 annual installments interest-free. Should a Junior Member be sponsored by an existing Member, they can finance their membership fee over 20 installments.

Is a ClubLink Member subject to a Food and Beverage Minimum?

All ClubLink Members (other than Non-Resident Members, Intermediates and Junior Members) are subject to a food and beverage minimum. Food and beverage expenditures at all ClubLink facilities, including locations in Florida, will apply towards the Member's minimum. The period runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. The minimum amounts are not pre-billed. The unspent minimum, if any, at the end of the year, will be applied to the Member’s account. Taxes and service charges do not count towards unspent food and beverage minimums.

Are there any other fees and costs to a ClubLink Membership?

Other mandatory annual fees include the Member Prize Fund, a Trophy Fund, ClubLink's Hole-in-One Program, cart fees where applicable and golf association/handicapping fees.

When do ClubLink Members pay annual dues each year?

Annual dues are due on January 31 of each year. Members receive notification in October of the following year's Annual Dues. Monthly installment plans are available through to the month of August.