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Are You Optimized?

24 APR 2018


It’s officially golf season. The Masters has ended, the weather is finally starting to turn around and you’re starting to get that itch. Why not start your golf season off right and go through a full bag gapping session to ensure your clubs have appropriate gaps between their yardages?

The importance of knowing exactly how far each club in your bag carries and ensuring every gap is consistent is vital to playing well. Did you know that 90% of golfers have two clubs in their bag that go almost the same distance? The Golf Lab located at King Valley Golf Club in King City, ON, will check every club in your bag to make the necessary adjustments so that each club in your bag goes the desired distance. This knowledge will let you play shots with total confidence that you have the correct club in your hands.

Carson Hau checking the loft of a club

What happens when you find out your yardages and you want more out of your clubs? At The Golf Lab, we pride ourselves in our equipment optimization process. Forget the old days of guessing what works best for you. With our system, we can test five different shaft lengths to find which gives maximum ball speed, then test multiple shaft weights to maximize club head speed. After analyzing your club delivery we are able to pick which head will optimize your performance based on the results of our in-house center of gravity testing.

Carson checking the flex profile of the shaft

At the end of the process, we validate our recommendations with ball data. We also test your clubs in Canada’s only eight camera Gears Golf system to measure and compare your current gamer to your new club and show you why the new club performs better for you.

Our system delivers fantastic results and we can’t wait to help you find yardage you never knew you could get!  See you soon at The Golf Lab at King Valley. 

To learn more about a gapping session or any of the equipment optimization services offered by The Golf Lab, please contact Carson Hau, Director of Technology, at or 647-296-4151.