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How to update your Club Roster

15 MAY 2018


Now you can choose what information you would like to display in your Club’s online roster. You can choose to appear in the online roster, or not. If you choose to be listed in your Club roster, you can choose to display the following personal information:

  • home phone number
  • cell number
  • email address


Currently, there is no information displayed in the Club roster. Members may log in to their account and update their profile settings to appear in the roster. Follow the steps below to update your account.

Please note that your Club roster is password protected and only Members of your Club can view your personal information.

How Do I  Update My Account?

Step 1 – Log in to your Club website

Click here to log in to your Club website, enter your 6-digit Member ID and password.

If you have difficulty logging in or forget your password, click “Forgot your password” to reset your password.

Step 2 – Go to “MY ACCOUNT” on the home page of your Club website


Step 3 – Go to “My Profile”


Step 4 – Update Profile

1 - To appear in the roster, keep the “Show in Roster” box checked

2 - Select whether to display your home telephone number in the roster

3 - Select whether to display your cell number in the roster

4 - Select whether to display your email address in the roster




Step 5 – Save

That’s it! Your changes are automatically updated


Step 6  - View Roster

To view your Club Roster, go to “My Club” and then click “Roster”



If you have any questions, please contact a Member Services Associate at 1-800-273-5113 or