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Fall golf

03 SEP 2019

Although summer still has some official calendar time left, Labour Day is now behind us and night time temperatures are exploring some chilly numbers. So it’s that time in the golf season where we’ll be leaving those extra pullovers in the trunk and wondering where the heck we put those cart mitts. Now just to be certain, there is some great weather still in front of us so please keep the sunscreen in the bag, but that fall feel is creeping in whether we like it or not.

And as all good Canadian golfers, we know that means the turf is going to soften up over the next 6 weeks and leaves will fall and flying divots will be harder to locate and softer greens will be resulting in those bigger, juicier ball marks.

So it’s time to re-introduce our videos from earlier this year.

3 videos on #coursecare and 2 videos on #readygolf will remind us that we are definitely All In This Together.

Enjoy them again or discover them for the first time. These are stored on our YouTube channel and are easy to share with your peers so enjoy them, share them, and lets all keep these in mind as we slowly switch gears into the Fall golf season.