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Phil’s run inside top 50 is over after 1,353 weeks – incredible.

06 NOV 2019

In last week’s article about Graham DeLaet’s comeback, we covered a couple of the many stories about players coming and going from the top shelf of professional golf – and how they try to get back. There are many, many examples. The simple summary: professional golf is tough. Period.

The name Phil Mickelson did not come up.

Phil’s simple formula- stay at the top. And that’s what he did. For 1,353 weeks. Starting in November 1993. You may remember 1993, Murphy Brown, Home Improvement, Northern Exposure. And you were likely still using your TV Guide to track your shows.

So much of the narrative around Phil is focussed on the over-sized shadow he shared his career path with. That will likely be trumpeted louder as these two progress past the last chapter of their playing days on the Main Tour. But for all the 2nd place finishes Phil ended up with, Tiger simply could not hold it all together for as long as Phil did. As we've learned from all the Halls of Fame of all our favourite sports, Longevity and consistency counts, big time. No one has been more consistent than Phil, and this should be celebrated.

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