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The Grand Daddy of them all.

09 OCT 2019

Photo courtesy of Golf Digest

The Grand Daddy of them all.

ScoreGolf has served as the nerve centre of course rankings for us Canadians. While we love debating our domestic courses and regional biases and new vs. old and all those debates a solid ranking chart can spark – the Canadian golf season is turning into the stretch run of the 2019 season, so in 4 or 5 weeks most of us will have hit our last golf shot on home soil.

With the only golf available to us after that being on the other end of a Flight south, it lends our eyes to wander past our borders.

So it’s a good time to pull out the current Golf Digest Top 100 American Courses list. This is where it all started. Grab some industry experts, have them fill out some ballots, compile the data, and export to the general golfing public for consumption and debate. For us Canadians that debate is as wide as our opinions take us; How great is Stanley Thompson? Carrick or McBroom? Are Clubhouses critical to a pure course experience? Mountain vs. Seaside. Questions and healthy arguments are always a good way to spend some down time away from the golf course.

So without further fanfare, and to help you dream about southern golf this winter, HERE is the 2019 Golf Digest top 100 American courses.