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From design to delivery: Week 5

21 AUG 2018

By Brent Long

The final countdown is on.

By Saturday, the south Oakville homeowners will be living the life in their breathtaking backyard retreat.

That doesn’t mean 100% of the work on this alluring oasis will be complete - there are some loose ends to clean-up, but they will be able to pull up their loungers on the new stone patio deck and enjoy family time around the pool sanctuary.

We’re into Week No. 5 of this complete backyard make-over and as promised it’s only a couple of the finishing touches that remain to be finalized. In the front yard, excellent progress has been made. The new flowerbed and stone walkway to the front door are nearly finished. The Unilock stone driveway will be the last piece of the puzzle to complete the project.

“It is exactly what we were looking for when I first visited the site last February,” says Martin Ivach, the owner of Green Ace Landscaping and a Unilock Authorized Contractor. “We have followed through on the vision. When you look at the craftmanship of the design, all the detail is in the cutting of the stone.”

On tap this week:

  • Finishing off the fencing to the backyard now that the heavy lifting is complete
  • The pool company installing the pool liner
  • The plumber, electrician and gas guys doing their thing to get the pool up and running
  • Timer controlled exterior LED lighting positioned and wired at the front and in the backyard
  • The decorative fire bowls are ensconced on the top of the pool’s breathtaking water feature
  • The inspectors sign-off where needed
  • As the finishing touch, the stone layout will be filled with polymeric sand to complete the patio area and ensure weeds don’t grow

Green Ace Landscaping is still waiting for the gas fireplace insert and a cabana kit for the pavilion to arrive any day now – there are always last-minute details that keeps them on their toes.

“There are not a lot of landscapers out there who will incorporate three or four different varieties of stone into a project, but that’s what we have done here, Martin says noting, the beauty of the herringbone design within the patio is timeless dating back to the streets and alleys of Rome. “With Unilock we have so many amazing varieties and options of stone that the choices are limitless. When you work with the best products and the best stone in the business, you can create a masterpiece. As I like to say, “Every backyard is a canvas and every stone is a brush stroke to great art.”

Throughout the life of the project there is a constant stream of new Unilock stone being delivered as needed. It’s seamless. As one or two palates are just being finished up for the front walkway, the next ones for the driveway are scheduled to arrive. It’s critical to get the timing right when you have a limited space for a street-front project like this.

“The owner is delighted with the project,” Martin says, noting they meet two or three mornings a week to keep tabs on the project. “There comes a time in every project when the stone is cut and laid that the homeowner has complete trust in you to get the job done and we’re there. They see the vision become a reality.”

“The best part of this job is following through with what we sell. I could be the greatest salesman, but if we don’t follow through with every last detail that we promised we are nothing,” Martin adds. “I’m really looking forward to the end of the week and letting them enjoy their little piece of paradise.”

If you’re thinking about a landscaping makeover for 2019, the fall is a perfect time to visit the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center in Georgetown. Hours of operation and more information can be found at

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We will check back in a couple of weeks for a final report and photos of the completed project.