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Taking up golf can be a corporate game changer for women

13 MAR 2019

By Tracey Luel, Director Women’s Golf Initiatives, ClubLink Corporation
Founder, Her Golf Mentor

If you are a woman in a corporate leadership position, chances are you played a sport growing up. In 2015-2017, the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW released a series of reports that highlight how involvement in sports can better prepare women for leadership, increase their earning potential and improve their ability to advance in the work place.

94% of female C-Suite executives played sports growing up.
65% of 2017 Forbes list of Most Powerful Women played sports.

Laura Gentile, Vice President and Founder of espnW says, “Participating in sports has a deep and definitive impact on the course of a woman’s life, and we can see from the research that sports help to provide women with the tools we need to succeed and lead.”

BUT, according to CAAWS (Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport)
• 41per cent of girls age three to 17 do not participate in sport.
• 84 per cent of adult women do not participate in sport.

What if you didn't play sports growing up? How can you get in the game?
Golfers are athletes!
Golf is a natural tool for casual networking and business development. It is an activity rich with social, health and wellness benefits that you can continue to enjoy well into retirement.
It is a sport can you jump into NOW that will help you develop the characteristics and traits that managers look for.
• Confidence:
• Single-mindedness/focus:
• Passion:
• Leadership/team play:
• Resilience: Failure
• Empathy
• Determination
Play golf.
Be an athlete.
Change your game.